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Allow us to introduce our Visual Search Engine.

The primary purpose of this site is to give you a platform to showcase your company/business on the internet.

At present, we live in a society where people are globally connected. It is said that there is a mere six degrees of separation from one city/ country, to another. This is possible due to the global culture that the world is trending towards. With the advent of smart gadgets being used by all generations, our site gives you that competitive edge to expand out to all potential customers and increase your visibility to the world.

To reach potential customers, as a business owner, it is extremely demanding, time consuming and expensive to constantly market and advertise your product/service. Specifically so, expertise is required to undertake such a feat and when attempted, the cost over runs the benefit.

As a customer/user, we find it quite exasperating to search for different products through the usual search engines. The choice of web links to a single product, are so many and so expansive that time and energy is required to scan through each link.

Myaddz.com makes life easier by displaying a variety of products on a single page. It is the window, for not only established institutions, but also for small/ startup companies, shops and services. This site is our endeavor to reach the masses effectively with your products. Our site will be a direct link to your web site and/or still images. We will also list your products on our index page as per relevance. This will enable the user to locate products easily.

This site is a boon to the global consumers!!!

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